Our Instructors


4th Degree

Head Instructor

Ma’am Tina is the Head Instructor at Dynamic Self Defence. Ma’am Tina is a Certified 4th Degree Black Belt in Hapkido and a Certified Hapkido Instructor through the International Hapkido Alliance (IHA) and the Australian Hapkido Group (AHG) under Grandmaster Geoff J Booth (8th Degree and Founder of Kwan Nyom Hapkido, the IHA and the AHG).

Ma’am Tina has over 14 years Hapkido experience and successfully completed the IHA Instructor Program in 2005.

Grandmaster Geoff J Booth


Head INSTRUCTOR | Head of the organisation

Grandmaster Geoff J. Booth has been teaching Martial Arts for more than 20 years. He has achieved the rank of 8th Degree Black Belt in Hapkido, as well as recognition as one of the foremost practitioners of Hapkido in Australia.

Grandmaster Geoff has built a traditional dojang where respect and honour is taught, however if you attend any of his seminars in
Australia or overseas, you will discover his unique teaching style that is a mix of solid techniques that work served up with Australian humour and quick wit.

Grandmaster Geoff Booth is the highest ranked non-Korean Hapkidoist in Australia and is the Founder and Head Instructor of
the International Hapkido Alliance (IHA) and the Australian Hapkido Group (AHG).

Sir Shadi

Sir Nachi began training in 2007. After a few months as a falcon, he joined the adults program. In 2015, he achieved the rank of 1st degree black belt. He hopes to become a certified instructor soon, and loves teaching classes whenever he gets the chance.

Sir Nachi

CGN Shadi Barhoum joined the IHA at DSD Parramatta in 2009, continued to study and train hard in reaching his first degree in 2014. “Keep your head up, train hard and never give up”.

Ma’am Neelab

Neelab Omar is an active member of the IHA where she joined DSD as a white belt in February 2009. Her initial goal was to become active and learn self defence. After many years of training, she attained her first degree black belt in November 2016. Neelab is currently undertaking the IHA instructors training to attain her qualified instructors rank. Her goal is to use a strength-based approach to teach and encourage students in order to aid in their learning process.

Sir Ben

“I have been training in Hapkido since 2007 and earned my Black Belt in 2016. Hapkido’s diverse curriculum, wide application and versatility are huge reasons why I love our style. Outside of Hapkido, I enjoy indie game development, interactive media and reading.”

Ma’am Jelena

CGN Jelena has been training at DSD since 2009. She is ranked 1st Degree Black Belt and attained this rank in 2016. She is currently undertaking the IHA Instructors training and is aiming to become an IHA qualified Instructor. CGN Jelena enjoys listening to music and cooking.