The Path To Black Belt

White Belt – 8th Kup

Stances, Tan Jun Breathing, Hapkido Principles, Basic Punching Skills, Front and turning kick, Forward and Backward Breakfalls.

Self Defence Concept 1 (Evasion) and Concept 2 (Circular Releases).

Orange Belt – 7th Kup

Elbows, Knee and Back kick, Side and Slapping Breakfalls. Basic striking drill.

Self Defence Concept 3 (Arm Bar Over) and Concept 4 (Hand Attacks).

Yellow Belt – 6th Kup

Hammer strikes, Side and front leg front kick, Forward into slapping Breakfalling.

Self Defence Concept 5 (S Locks) and Concept 6 (Arm Bar Under).

Green Belt – 5th Kup

Palm and Back fist strikes, Shin and Turning back kick, Aerial Breakfalling.

Self Defence Concept 7 (V Locks) and Concept 8 (Balance Stationary).

Blue Belt – 4th Kup

Advanced elbows, Sliding front and front leg side kick, Striking and kicking drill, Back fall.

Self Defence Concept 9 (Chokes) and Concept 10 (Arresting).

Brown Belt – 3rd Kup

Forearm and Spinning strikes, Crescent and Stepping side kick. Advanced striking and kicking drill.

Self Defence Concept 11 (Balance motion) and Concept 12 (Kick Defence).

Red Belt – 2nd Kup

Rolling strikes and Tiger Mouth, Low spinning hook and Jump turning kick. Advanced kicking and striking drill.

Self Defence Concept 13 (Ground Defence).

Provisional Black Belt – 1st Kup

Revision of all coloured belt techniques, Lock flows, Striking and kicking drills, Multiple Grabs and Concept 14 (Weapon Defence).