Awesome facilities, Excellent instruction and with out a doubt the best Martial Arts and Self Defence school in the area!

GM. Geoff J. Booth

Quality facilities, exceptional instruction and welcoming community. No other place to be.

Benjamin Smith

Training at Dynamic Self Defence gives me energy, fitness and stress relief.

Kelvin Zeini

Great place for kids and adults to learn practical self defence while getting fit at the same time. Excellent facilities…

Dean Evangelista

This truly is the best martial art of Hapkido. Amazing techniques, great atmosphere and best of all the most incredibly talented and experienced instructors teaching this amazing art. My kids absolutely love it!!!!!

Dianne Hindy Ayoub

Instructors are AWESOME and create an excellent environment to learn Hapkido and have fun at the same time. I love it and so do my kids!!!!!

Stacey Billinghurst

Absolutely love the Hapkido family... Super talented instructors, great self defence techniques!! And an awesome atmosphere...

Rupal Bhanushali

Dynamic Self Defence is a place that is perfect to learn the art of defending yourself also known as Kwon Nyom Hapkido. The instructors at the school are highly experienced black belts and the school is lead by SBN Chief Instructor Tina. At the start of each class you can expect to be pushed that little extra physical and mentally to gain more from the art. Highly recommend the school for children all the way through to adults, it's also a family friendly environment.

Gee Batta

Awesome instructors, fantastic atmosphere and a great place to bring yourself or your children to learn Hapkido!

Pamela Barhoum

No better place to learn good self defence then at Dynamic self Defence, excellent instructors/mentors and seniors students that will help you understand and learn the beautiful art of Hapkido. A good self-defense classes which helps you understand Hapkido self defence and teaches you how to size up a situation and decide what you should do. In DSD classes we learn special techniques for breaking an attacker's grasp and other things you can do to get away. But more importantly self-defense actually means doing everything possible to avoid fighting someone who threatens or attacks you. Self-defense is all about using your smarts not your fists and that you learn only at DSD.

Sergio Balado

I cannot recommend DSD highly enough! If you're looking for a real school of Martial Arts, which has a clear philosophy and pathway for yourself or your child to achieve their best, then this is it! DSD practices what if preaches and empowers the student to not only learn this Korean art of self defence (and defence of others), but it encourages the manifestation of the foundations of Hapkido in the everyday life of the child.

Eleni Jafari

An amazing dojo... the best one which is environmentally friendly and has really helpful instructors. My children really enjoy learning hapkido.

Preeti Anand

I love going to Dynamic Self Defence. From my first lesson, everyone was very welcoming. It's easy to train with other people and it's really fun learning self defence techniques. I was have no hesitations in recommending Dynamic Self Defence

Amira MacCue